Hi guys, I just finished making this really pretty mirror. Some of our relatives just came back from Florida, and brought my sister and I back blank mirrors and a bag of shells to decorate them with. I really like how mine turned out. Here are the before and after pics I took:



I FINALLY got around to posting this card. I made it a while back, but I think it's just so cute! I used Heidi Grace paper, and lots of other randomness. Hope you like it!

Hi Everyone! I'm starting a contest on my blog and at my YouTube channel(KatiesCraftingCorner). What I'm doing, is trying to come up with a neat name for some videos I'm going to post on YouTube. These videos will be on how to create great looking paper crafts, but using stuff you would find in a different part of the craft store (such as yarn or fabric). I'll probably post them once a week. So if you know what I should name these videos, just tell me by commenting either at YouTube, or here at my blog. The name I like best will be what this group of videos will be called forever! Good luck!
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