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Hi everyone!

First I'd like to apologize to everyone for practically dropping off the face of the internet for two years. After my brother was born two summers ago, I became interested in switching from a "home-schooler" to a "public-schooler". I entered public school for the first time that fall, and became super busy with homework (I had never had any before, and it took some getting used to), friends (I now had more then ever before), and my new little brother. The time I set aside for paper crafting decreased as I explored some of my other interests, such as the cross country team (which I don't know what I would do without), physics, french, and church youth group.

To make a long story (sort of) short, I am now a junior in high school, a member of the highest team in my Irish Dance company, searching for colleges that offer meteorology majors (and french minors), still having fun with my family and friends, excited for summer (who isn't?!), and finally ready to come back from this super long break from crafting.

I have a couple of ideas for projects and videos, but I would greatly value any feedback and ideas that you have to offer. I will start posting new content very shortly, so make sure to check back soon!

March 2013

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