Yay! I finally got something up on my Etsy shop. I'll be selling more stuff on there soon, including a really neat scrapbooking kit I put together myself. To see what I'm selling, just look to the right, and there will be a link to my shop. Or you can go to katiescardsandcrafts.etsy.com

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I have wanted to set up an account on there, but I was wondering...does it have fees like ebay? and does anyone ever sell anything on there?

Amor's Scraps: Yes, Etsy does have fees, but they aren't that big. Whenever you post an item, it costs 20 cents and if someone buys it, Etsy gets 3.5% of the price it sold for. And people sell things all the time, it just depends on what you sell, and how much it is. Hope that helped!

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