Sorry I wasn't able to post any St. Patrick's projects. It has been such nice weather here in Chicago, that I've been outside during my free time. I'm going to post something by the weekend though.

Do you like the new music soundtrack? I need feedback!

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Hi there, it sounds like a nice song. Although, I must admit, when music plays while I browse a blog, I usually turn the volume off! This is because I cannot concentrate on what I am looking at :) (Usually "looking" involves reading too.)
And, maybe the reason I prefer no soundtrack is because I am one of your older followers...... somewhere around your parents' ages. :) Keep up the fantastic blog! Music or not, I will keep checking in.

I'm back.... can the music be turned down if someone wants to watch one of your videos? Just looking at your Stickles video again, & wasn't able to hear you over the music. Not sure how you do that! :)

Thanks for the feedback! I'm still deciding if I should keep the music or not. Shanarun, if you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you can either pause the soundtrack, or turn down the volume. :)

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