Looks a little different, huh? I decided to completely redesign by blog. I wasn't too fond of all the dark colors and busyness. I wanted to go with something more open and simple. You can find everything so much quicker. I especially like how the sides of my videos aren't cut off by the narrow space anymore. I also added a "Contact Me" button you can click on to send me private messages. And as you might have noticed, I "discarded" the playlist. It was getting too annoying and distracting.

If you have any suggestions on how I can further improve my blog, make sure to tell me!

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I suggest that you help me with mine. Serioulsy, I want to put things down the side and dont' know how.

Ha, ha! I have often had the thought..... "Katey would know how to do this.." It is sometimeschallenging to figure things out for the first time. :)

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